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Evaluation of Drought Tolerant Rice Genotype in Mid Hills of Nepal

Abhisek Shrestha*, Amit Sadashankar, Ganesh Gupta and Dr. Bishnu Bilash Adhikary
Department of Agronomy, Institute of Agriculture and Animal science (IAAS), Kritipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
*Corresponding authorís email:
Shrestha.avi1425@gmail.com <mailto:Shrestha.avi1425@gmail.com>

Field experiment was conducted in IAAS, Lamjung campus Agronomy farm from 25/06/2015- 04/11/2015. The main purpose the experiment was to study the performance of pipeline varieties of rice and to compare their performance with released variety (Radha-4).Randomized complete block design with three replication and eight treatment with seven new genotypes and local check (Radha-4) was used. The phenological and growth parameters i.e. heading days, maturity days, plant height, and panicle length and yield and yield attributing characters i.e. effective tillers, total grain, sterility %, test weight, grain yield, and straw yield were studied during the trial period. Thus on basis of growth yield and yield attributing characters genotype IR-88965-39-1-6-4 gave the highest grain yield with satisfactory straw yield. The result obtained must be further presented for mother and baby trial for further refinement.
Keywords: Varieties, Replication, Treatment, Genotypes, Phonological characters, Yield and Yield attributing characters

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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol-2, Issue-4: 73-76