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Identification of Cry1Ac Protein in Bt Brinjal by ELISA Method
M.K. Hasan*, S. Yesmin, S.C. Halder, M.K. Jamil and D. Khanam
1Biotechnology Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur-1701, Bangladesh
*Corresponding author email: kamrulnk@yahoo.com

Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol-3, Issue-4: 68-71
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Brinjal fruit and shoot borer resistant Bt brinjal was introduced in Bangladesh in 2013 for commercialization and became a member of GMO world. Bt gene was introgressed in 9 popular varieties of Bangladesh. Four varieties were released in 2013 and three are in pipelines. ELISA based protein detection and PCR based gene detection are widely used for GMO detection. Here, Bt protein was detected through qualitative ELISA in four Bt brinjal varieties and three Bt brinjal lines. Changes of colour of the microtiter plate and the absorbance value indicated the presence Cy1Ac protein in Bt brinjal samples.
Keywords: Bt Brinjal; Cry1Ac protein; ELISA
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