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In-silico Drug Discovery approach to Cancer
Adhithi Venkatesh, Aishwarya.V.A. Sasty, Anish Raju and Pradeep. S*
Department of Biotechnology, BMS college of Engineering, Bangalore, India
*Corresponding Authorís email: Padees@gmail.com
Cancer is the abnormal proliferation of cells, when there is an internal or external agent, physical, biological or chemical agent involved. Cancer can be due to viruses, radiations, chemical or sometimes even genetic. This particular paper shows a few tools that were used in determining the to study and analyse a few different bioinformatics tools to come to study about an in-silico drug discovery approach. A few tools that were used were RAMPAGE- to obtain the Ramachandran plot, RCSB- to obtain the 3-D structure of the protein, RasMol- to visualize and obtain the proteins and ligands that can bind to it, PubChem- to obtain the 3-D structure, physicochemical and ADMET properties of the drug, HEX- to visualize and study the binding and docking properties of the drug with the target protein sand gene receptor, Superpose- to study multiple sequence alignment data and superpose with other proteins using homology modelling.
Keywords: Epigenetics; Transcriptional silencing; DNA methylation; CTCF

Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-3, Issue-2: 25-28