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Agritourism: A Step Further for Economic and Sustainable Development in Nepal
Dija Bhandari1, Chandan Bhattarai*
1Agriculture and Forestry University Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal
Agriculture is the major occupation of Nepalese people that provides employment opportunities to two third of the total population. It also contributes one third of the total national GDP. Agriculture is indispensable part to bolster national GDP and thus a key for the development of national economy. Nepal has a huge flow of tourist every year. Tourists are attracted to the immense natural beauty, diversified landscapes, suitable climate, rich cultural heritage, and friendly people of the country. People are seeking for connectedness with nature, and Nepal could be the best destination which is rural and remains intact today and unspoiled from urban bustle, modernity and pollution. It opens huge scope for potential growth and expansion of blended mixture of two industries; agriculture and tourism, the agro-tourism. Despite of agriculture being the primary occupation of the people, the country is lacking beyond its self-sufficiency and farmers are not getting satisfactory revenue from their occupation. The world today seeks for more scientific, technological and innovative kind of thinking in every sector. Agro-tourism can become an alternative way that provides additional income and creates greater employment opportunities to the rural small holder farmers but also encompasses sustainability in agriculture. Agro-tourism requires innovative thinking, addresses rural participation and ensures sustainability. Agro-tourism has a great potential to foster in Nepal. Enterprise development should be motivated among rural small holder farmers for agro-tourism. Hence, combining these two industries, agriculture and tourism can become the two wheels of a vehicle to drive economy of Nepal forward. This article is the review of opportunities and potential benefits of agro-tourism in Nepal from different sources.
Keywords: Agritourism; economy; GDP; sustainability; enterprise development
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-4, Issue-3: 67-69