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Participatory Technology Generation and Dissemination at Out-Reach Sites of Regional Agriculture Research Station Khajura
Ram Das Chaudhary*, Padam Prasad Poudel2, Bisheswar Prasad Yadav3, Santosh Raj Tripathi1, Govinda KC1, Dinesh Kumar Yadav1, Rajana Rawal1, Yagya KC1 and Indrapal Singh1
1Regional Agricultural Research Station, Khajura, Banke, Nepal
2Grain Legumes Research Program, Khjura, Banke, Nepal
3Oilseed Research Program, Nawalpur Sarlahi, Nepal
Regional Agricultural Research Station Nepalgunj (RARS/N) has its four major outreach sites in Satbariya Village Development Committee (VDC) of Dang, Betahani VDC of Banke, Mahammadpur VDC of Bardiya and Patharaiya VDC of Kailali district to test and validate various cost effective, client oriented, socially and environmental friendly improved technologies in order to address the farmers problem. These sites are representing various agro domain conditions of rain fed, different types of land. The PVS trial sets of different crops were conducted in RCBD design consisting new promising varieties including local adopted variety. All the varieties were planted in 3 farmers' field in each location. Individual farmers were considered as single replication. Major phenological parameters and yield were recorded. Agronomic management practices were done according to recommendation practices for particular crop. With the experiments result, IR-83377-B-B-47-2 and IR-83388-B-B-108-3 were selected from rainfed early rice trial. Likewise, genotypes, IR 81826-13-B-57 and IR 78875-207-B-B-B performed well in normal irrigated environment of all OR sites. Similarly, medium season rice genotypes IR-83377-B-B-93-3 and C 3419-10-1-2 performed well in rainfedat all sites. Equally, rainfed medium season rice genotypes IR-83377-B-B-93-3 and C 3419-10-1-2 were early and produced more grain yield in all OR site. Also, Genotypes IR-87761-1-39-1-1-1, IR-87754-42-2-2-4 and Sukkha Dhan-1 performed well in drought condition. Likewise, potato genotypes PRP266265.15, PRP266264.1 and PRP266265.1 produced higher tuber yield in all tested environments. Correspondingly, turmeric genotypes CI 507 and Kapurkot Haledo-1 produced more rhizomes in farmerís management.

Keywords: Outreach; PVS; genotypes
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol-4, Issue-1: 19-25
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