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Readiness for Self-Directed Learning among Nursing Students in Lahore, Pakistan
Sumaira Ejaz*, Muhammad Hussain1, Iram Majeed1, Muhammad Afzal1, Syed Amir Gilani2
1Lahore School of Nursing, The University of Lahore, Pakistan
2Department of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Pakistan

Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-4, Issue-2: 44-53
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Background: Self-directed learning is an inherent potential utilized by person at different degree during their life while come across a new testing and challenging circumstances. Self-learning is important for people to live in the state of advancement. Objectives: This study was conducted to assess the readiness for self-directed learning among nursing students in Lahore, Pakistan. Methodology: This was descriptive cross-sectional study with 133 sample sizes. All male and female nursing students of (2-years BSN Post RN) and (4-years BSN Generic) degree programs were included in this study. Convenient sampling method was used. Data was analyzed using software Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21. Ethical clearance was obtained before research. Independent t-test was carried out to check the difference between male and female. ANOVA test was applied to compare the SDLR of students from different academic years. Results: The overall mean score for self-directed learning readiness was 158.57±17.64, the mean score for self-management was 49.79±6.61, the mean score for desire for learning and self-control was 47.80±5.75 and 60.98±7.83 respectively. Students have adequate level for SDL. According to Fisher’s 40 items the score 150 and above is acceptable level for self-directed learning. Conclusion: Mostly nursing students were ready for self-directed learning but it depends on the students’ academic years. Final years students were readier toward self-directedness than junior students. Nurse educators promote the SDL skills among students by identifying strengths and weaknesses of students.