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Redefining Modernization and Urbanization in Ghodaghodi Municipality
Dipak Raj Joshi
Ghodaghodi Multiple Campus, Kailali, Nepal
This research project analyzes Ghodaghodi municipality budget and policy, government document on indicators for the assessment of municipality performance, income and investment trend among municipality dwellers. Majority of the municipal people depend on agriculture, however, municipal budgets have not yet been able to implement its policies of modernizing agriculture with technology, equipment, expertise, and commercialization. In the beginning phase of urbanization, the prospects of surplus capital, employment, income generation enterprise seem to have attracted less number of people. Huge portion of government money is found to have spent in infrastructure development. Due to the lack of capital, adversity in agriculture and distraction of subsidy to income generation, majority of people are compelled to pursue foreign employment. The report concludes that in order to make the municipality prosperous and unique place to visit, sustainable model and cultural model of urbanization can help enhance cultural industries and hence generate surplus capital by import substitution and export production.

Keywords:Export production; import substitution; primary sector; secondary sector; sustainable development; tertiary sector
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol-4, Issue-1: 11-18
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