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Evaluation of Growth and Yield Characteristics of Acid Lime Genotypes in Different Locations of Nepal
Amar Bahadur Pun*, Hari Prasad Subedi2, Manish Kumar Thakur3
1Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Agricultural Research Station, Pakhribas, Dhankuta, Nepal
2Sapta Gandaki Agri-Tech Pvt. Ltd, Chitwan, Nepal 
3NARC, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Tarahara, Sunsari, Nepal
Nepal has a rich diversity of acid lime, having commercial importance in terms of fruit maturing time and quality. The study on the variety selection and evaluation of local acid lime genotypes has been conducted in the eastern region of Nepal since 2005. Ten local genotypes were evaluated for their morphological and fruit yield characteristics. The research results revealed that genotypes: NCRP-49 and NCRP-55 were found superior among the genotypes with higher yield potential for upland Terai condition. The genotype NCRP-55 produced 947 fruits/plant having 383.0 cm tree height with average fruit weight of 55.2 g and yield of 66.8 kg/plant, while genotype NCRP-49 had 284.2 cm tree height, producing 793 fruits/plant per annum with average fruit weight of 53.1 g and fruit yield of 50.9 kg/plant. However, other genotypes NCRP-53, NCRP-56 and NCRP-47 were also promising for the higher yield. Thus, these genotypes should be proposed for the variety release in the future.

Keywords: acid lime; genotypes; variety diversity; fruit characteristic; evaluation.
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-4, Issue-4: 144-148
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