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Menstrual Hygiene among Women of Reproductive Age in Rural Area, Lahore
Hina Samuel, Muhammad Afsor1, Muhammad Afzal1*,  Syed Amir Gilani1
Lahore School of Nursing, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
Introduction: The attitude of community towards menstrual hygiene and the awareness of its health consequences to offspring remain largely ignored. Methods: The purpose of the study is to the knowledge of rural community towards heath risk due to menstrual hygiene, attitude of rural community towards benefits regarding menstrual hygiene and practice of rural community regarding menstrual hygiene in the rural community. Results: The results are shown in 31 tables and 27 figures have been used to show results. The results of the study and discussion show that rural community has illiteracy regarding heath risk for offspring due to menstrual hygiene, results shows that they are women need to be educated about MHM and significance of menstruation and use of satisfactory absorbent material so as to enable them to lead a healthy reproductive life. Conclusions: In the present investigation, the greater part of the women (80.4 %) procured learning with respect to menstruation from their moms, trailed by neighbors and relatives. Part of instructors was watched irrelevant in conferring training about different parts of menstrual cycle in spite of the way that data on period given by the mother is frequently fragmented and erroneous Women (43.4%) in our investigation were terrified at the season of their first monthly cycle which means that they had no/little information about monthly cycle before its beginning.

Keywords: Electronic Health Records; Security; Confidentiality; Health Care Providers
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-4, Issue-4: 156-160
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