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Marketing of Large Cardamom in Mechi Hills, Nepal
K.P. Shrestha*
1Socioeconomics and Agriculture Research Policy Division, NARC, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal
Large Cardamom is cultivated in the Himalayan region of Nepal, India and Bhutan. Nepal is the world’s top exporter. A field survey study was carried out in Ilam, Panchthar, and Taplejung districts of to know the existing marketing and trade situation of LC in the Mechi hill districts. The studied three districts are known to produce almost 55% of the total produced in the country. There are two to five steps on marketing channel. Quantity of export was decreasing trend with Compound Annual Growth Rate of -3.25%. The value of export was increasing significantly from NRs. 1.34 billion in 2008/9 to 4.85 billion in 2017/18 with Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.63%. The market price was also increased significantly with Compound Annual Growth rate of 7.45%. There were more than 20 importer countries exists but 99 percent exported to India and from India re-exported to the other countries. There are 9 district level markets hubs which supply to Birtamod wholesale market and finally exported to India via Rani, Biratnagar customs which is the only export point to India. The major constraints of marketing and trade were; price fluctuation; dependency on Indian market; lack of provision to direct export to Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries; lack of price fixation mechanism, accredited laboratory, insufficient marketing research, government support for trade promotion; absence of insurance policy on transport; and adulteration. The government should focus to overcome these constraints for the better marketing and trade of Large Cardamom in the country.
Keywords: Compound Annual Growth; Export; Market Channel; Price Information; Trade Flow
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-4, Issue-4: 134-143
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