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Studies of Zooplankton in Chhapakaiya pond Birgunj, Nepal

Lal Babu Prasad Yadav
Department of Zoology, Tribhuvan University, T.R.M. Campus, Birgunj, Nepal
Zooplankton are the major trophic link in food chain and being heterotrophic organisms it plays a key role in cycling of organic materials in aquatic ecosystem. In present study, the population density and diversity of zooplanktons are carried out to contribute further knowledge about the planktonic population of Chhapakaiya pond Birgunj, Nepal by standard methods. In total 27 species of zooplankton belonging to three taxonomic groups were observed in the pond. Out of 27 species, 8 species belonged to Protozoa, 11 species to Rotifera and 8 species to Arthropoda.  Seasonal sampling from four sampling sites (site A, B, C, D) in winter, summer and rainy season for period of 12 months (November 2015 - October 2016) at 9:00-11: 00 AM. A total of 27 taxa from different classes of zooplankton were reported. The zooplanktons were reported to be maximum (788.5 unit/L) during summer and minimum (552.75 unit/L) during rainy season in Chhapakaiya pond.
Keywords: Zooplankton; Biological productivity; Habitat degradation.
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-4, Issue-3: 103-109