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On Farm Evaluation of Rice Genotypes under Rainfed Ecosystem in Central Terai of Nepal
Bisheswar P. Yadav*, J. Tripathi1, Dil R. Yadav2, Rajendra P.Yadav1, Rajib K. Yadav2
1Regional Agricultural Research Station, Parwanipur, Bara, Nepal
2National Rice Research Program, Hardinath, Dhanusha, Nepal

Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-4, Issue-2: 29-31
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Varietal experiment at farmers field trial of promising rice genotypes were tested at fatepur outreach site in Bara district with in the command area of Regional Agricultural Research Station, Parwanipur, Bara, during 2014/2015 and 2015/2016  under rainfed ecosystem in randomized complete block design with five replications in coordinated farmers' field trials composed by National Rice Research Program, Hardinath. Eight different rice genotypes were tested during the experimentation period. Some of the tested genotypes were significantly different for grain yield and farmers preferences. The genotypes IR-77721-92-2-2-1-2 and IR-83388-B-B-108-3 produced significantly higher grain yields and produced grain yield of more than 4 t/ha and these genotypes were preferred by farmers due to its  high grain yield and less infestation of insect pests. The findings of the study reflect that these promising genotypes need to be further lasted in Farmers Acceptance Test (FAT) and Front Line Demonstration (FLD) for adoption in farmer's field disseminated to other locations having similar climatic conditions