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Self-medication among staff nurses in Jinnah hospital Lahore
Asma Arshad*
Superior College of Nursing, Lahore, Pakistan
Self-medication is a growing phenomenon which is repeatedly used of medication without any prescription which a person considers that drug is appropriate for her or his. Sometime these drugs affect appropriately for the time being but later on these cause adverse reactions or affects and sometimes further resistance. Now days, self-medication is a negative social evil which is the central focus of today’s health system. Consumer must have appropriate information regarding drug which he or she is going to use. This practice is also very common among staff nurses as well as other health care providers as they though they know much about the treatment and medication Aim: study objective is to assess the self-medication practices prevalence, causes, reason and effects. Design: A descriptive approach is used to assess the mentioned variables. Method: 104 respondents were asked data was used to analyze by using special analyses method, descriptive study design was used to assess the practice of self-medication among staff nurses. Sample size was selected by using a formula. Self-administrative questionnaire was used and analyzed by the SPSS version 16. Result: Self-medication fall extra burden on utilization of medication, by cause different health related side effects, and here are number of contributing factors, this phenomenon is very high in the developing countries as people have easy access to the medication and also due to the high illiteracy rate.
Keywords: Self-Medication(SM); Staff Nurses
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-2: 156-165