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Nurses Perception of Conflict as Constructive or Destructive

Nusrat Bibi*, Syeda Sidra Tasneem Kausar1, Ali Waqas1, Azra Rehman1

1Nursing College, The Superior College Lahore, Pakistan

Aim: The purpose of study is to know how nurses perceive conflict, whether constructive or destructive, and how they manage it on their daily based interactions at their work place. Background : Conflict among nursing professionals is very common ,and underlying reasons most of the time are communication gap, work overload ,and obstreperous behavior .Furthermore ,health care system is changing rapidly ,and becoming more demanding day-by-day .Nurses not only have to look after patients ,safety measures of patients ,holistic care approaches ,cost constrains concerns ,and safety measures of themselves as well as of their related personnel with increased work load .Nursing workplace have become unpredictable these days .Hence ,all these circumstances can easily precipitate conflicts . But unfortunately, positive perspectives of conflict are scarce in nursing unlike other social sciences. Conflict can be positive as well as negative; depending upon its management. The purpose of this study is how nurses take conflict positive or negative and what types of strategies they use while interacting with conflict. Methodology: This is quantitative descriptive study. Data was collected from one hundred nurses of Jinnah Hospital Lahore. An adopted scale having 24 items was used to collect data on Likert Scale. Conclusion: The outcomes of the study indicated positive results. Most participants were agreed to resolve problems in a positive and good manner which gave sense that conflict is positive and constructive in its manner. The result indicated major portion participants answered that conflict is constructive as it increases improvement in patientsí care, help in problem solving, innovation, brain storming, increase efficacy at work place and hence increase organizational output as well as organizational repute also. So, conflict is basically constructive in nature.

Keywords: Conflict Management; constructive conflict; destructive conflict
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-3: 209-219