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Marketing Potentiality of Potato at Dailekh district of Nepal
Matilal Dhakal*
Save the Children, Nepal
The present study was undertaken to analyze the marketing potentiality of the potato in Dailekh district of Nepal. The focus of the study was, to analyze the marketing system, effective marketing channels, marketing problems and potentialities of potato. The data were collected from 60 potato producersí households from Gurans Rural Municipality of Dailekh district through semi-structured questionnaire interview. This was supplemented by secondary data collected from different sources. Primary data were collected from 60 respondent households while secondary data collected from internet and reports. The findings revealed that the average potato production in one ropani of land was 602 kg and their cost of production, gross return and net return were Rs. 11596, Rs.24080 and Rs. 12484 respectively. In case of 1 kg of potato production, the study showed that cost of production, gross return and net return were Rs. 19.26, Rs. 40 and Rs. 20.73 respectively. The benefit cost ratio was 2.076 which indicates potato production and marketing is profitable. The prominent constraints of marketing potato among the small-scale farmers were lack of access to credit, lack of access to storage facilities, lack of market information, poorly developed village market structure, poor produces price, inadequate access roads, small size of transport and high transportation cost. This study recommends for improving in storage facilities, road access for transportation and improvement in communication system for better marketing of potato.
Keywords: Potato; marketing; constraints; benefit cost ratio
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-1: 27-31