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Knowledge, Attitude & Practices Regarding Tuberculosis among People of Rural Community, Lahore
Shaheen Fajar*, M. Hussain1, Iram Majeed1, M. Afzal1, Syed Amir Gilani2
*1Lahore School of Nursing, The university of Lahore, Pakistan
2 Departments of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Pakistan

Introduction: In spite of the fact that tuberculosis (TB) is preventable and reparable sickness, TB is one of the real general medical issues in group Husain Abad. Low level of information about TB could influence the wellbeing looking for conduct of patients and support the transmission of the infection inside the group. In this manner, the present examination was attempted in, group Husain Abad with the target of evaluating groups' learning, state of mind and practices towards Tuberculosis. Methods: Quantitative Cross-sectional descriptive study, Study was conducted at Husain Abad community, Lahore Pakistan. Convenient sampling technique was used for data collection with the help of questionnaire. Sample size was is 110 according to target population of Husain Abad Community Lahore. Analysis and presentation of the data was done using the statistical programmed for social sciences (SPSS) computer package version21. Tables and flow charts will be used to present the data. Study was conducted approximately four months (September 2017 to January, 2018). Results: While 108% of the respondents said that they at any point heard in regards to TB, just 56% realized that TB is caused by microorganisms. TB can be transmitted from a patient to someone else and 73% realize that transmission of TB can be preventable. Industriousness hack 37% was the most generally expressed side effect of TB and present day drugs utilized as a part of had TB. Wellbeing foundations 78% was the favored decision of treatment. 44%respondents considered TB as an intense ailment and 80% would encounter fear in the event that they themselves. Conclusions: Community Husain Abad have basic knowledge about tuberculosis. Along these lines wellbeing training coordinated towards acquiring a huge change the information of tuberculosis must be ventured up inside the tuberculosis control program.
Keywords: Tuberculosis, knowledge, attitued and prectice,community husain Abad.
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-1: 88-94