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Assess End of Life Care Knowledge among Nurses of a Public Tertiary Care Hospital at Lahore
Hina Maqsood*, Cindrella Naseem1, Syeda Sidra Tasneem Kausar1, Rubina Jabeen1
1Nursing College, The Superior College Lahore, Pakistan
It clearly indicates that role of nurses can never be ignored when we are talking of end of life care or palliative care. It is termed by literature as care that improves the standard or quality of living in individuals who are facing life threatening problems and illness to prevent and treat them through early identification of pain and other physical and psychosocial problems.
This research study is aimed to assess the knowledge of palliative care among the nurses at a Public tertiary care Hospital Lahore. A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted to assess this knowledge of end of life care. A random sample of n=120 nurses was selected from the Jinnah hospital Lahore. Data was collected an adopted closed ended knowledge based questionnaire. The participants were given a written informed consent and top fill the questionnaire with their own will.
The main findings reveal that among the participants, 55% of the nurses had good knowledge of end of life care who scored 50 or above out of total 70 score. The remaining 45% had poor knowledge of end of life care and they scored below 50 out of 70. So the results show that there is not very good percentage of knowledge score.
Keywords: Knowledge; Nurses; End of Life care
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-1: 17-26