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Assess The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hand Hygiene Among the Nurses of PIMH
Razia Parveen*
Lahore School of Nursing (LSN), The University of Lahore, Pakistan
This study determines the importance of hand hygiene at workplace. Because hand hygiene is necessary and preventive measure to prevent hospital acquired infection. This study aims to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of hand hygiene among the nurses of Punjab Institute of Mental Health.
Nurses represent a large group of workers that are in direct contact with patient care.  Hand hygiene prevents cross-infection in hospitals, but fulfilment with recommended instructions often is poor among the nurses. This article reviews the importance of hand hygiene knowledge, attitude and practice. In particular, in high-demand situations, hand rub with an alcohol-based solution appears to be the only alternative that allows. The hand-hygiene level does not based on individual factors alone, and the same can be said for its promotion. Because of the complexity of the process of change, it is not surprising that alone interventions often fail, and multimodal, multidisciplinary strategies are necessary. A framework that includes parameters to be considered for hand-hygiene promotion is proposed, based on epidemiologically driven evidence and review of the current knowledge, attitude and practice.
Keywords: Nurses; Hand hygiene,
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-2: 135-149.