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Study on Impact of Climate Change and Its Effect on the Situation of Women: A Case Study of Lele Village Development Committee (VDC), Lalitpur, Nepal

Richa Pradhan* and Srijana Awale1

1Chandra Gurung Conservation Foundation, Kathmandu Nepal

Climate change is believed to impact people unequally. It is said that the poor, women and vulnerable groups who are dependent on climate sensitive livelihood will be affected the most. In Nepal, women comprise of majority of poor who have extended involvement in agricultural activities due to mass out migration of men. The objective of the study is to study the impact of climate change on the situation of women, and to assess the impact of climate change on the condition and position of women. The study area was Lele, Lalitpur where sample size of the study was fifty women who were dependent on agriculture. Primary data was collected by focus group discussion, questionnaire survey and key informant interview. Study showed that climatic variability has impacted agriculture in terms of soil compaction and increase in pest, which has increased in workload of women and time availability as well. Climate Change has impacted in the situation of women in the study area by increasing their burden of work, increasing their exposure to pesticides, increasing their dependency on market food due to decline in production affecting their nutrition and also increasing the cost of production.

Keywords: Climate change; gender; agriculture; Nepal
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-3: 225-230