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Causes of Moral Distress Among Nurses in Intensive Care Unit
Rabia Riaz*, Rubina Musarrat, Samaj Saveq
The Superior College of Nursing, Lahore, Pakistan
Introduction: Moral Distress is a Growing phenomenon among nurses in Intensive care unit. The moral distress is a common Problem among Health Care practioners now a day. The word moral distress shows the changes in behavior among the ICU staff Nurses. There are so many reasons of moral distress among   ICU Staff the main problems that affect the moral is moral distress, Powerlessness and frustration. Aim: Study objective is to access the effect of powerlessness and frustration among Nurses in intensive care unit. Methodology: Data for the study were obtained from the target Hospitals through Questionnaire. This contains demographic variable and 20 item Likert scale. Results: According to output from 158 staff nurses of ICU the most commonly reported emotion associated with moral distress was frustration. We have find the reliability and validity which shows the alpha value of moral distress among nurses is above .846. Majority 92.4% were female and in this study7.6% were male. Conclusion: This study identified several comprehensive surveys aimed at measuring the experience of causes of moral distress covering a variety of content areas and particle issues that causes moral distress. Future strategies should be focus on the problems of ICU nurses to reduce moral distress.
Keywords: Moral distress; Staff nurse; frustration
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-1: 76-87