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Impact of Local Adaptation Plan of Action in Reducing Vulnerability and Enhancing Resilience of Poor and Vulnerable Households: A case of Hills of Nepal
Sami Shrestha*
Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry, Hariyokharka, Pokhara-15, Nepal
Local Adaptation Plans of Action (LAPA) is a community-based adaptation plan that takes a ‘vulnerability first’ approach to climate change. It was initiated more than half a decade ago in Nepal and has crossed its planning and early implementation phase. The Mauja village of Kaski district and Ghermu village of Lamjung district were selected to examine the effectiveness of implemented plan to reduce the vulnerability and enhance their resilience of poor and vulnerable (P&V) households (HHs). For the collection of the required information, Household Questionnaire Survey, Focus Group Discussion, Key Informant Interview and Direct Field Observations were implied for the primary data collection while the intensive literature review was done to collect secondary data. Similarly, a Wilcoxon test was applied to check the effectiveness of LAPA implementation at 5% of the significance level. The study revealed that the participation of P&V HHs in LAPA formulation process was found to be more than average estimation. The respondents of Ghermu were found more consultative and action and interaction oriented than the respondents of Mauja. The respondents of Mauja dominated Ghermu inactiveness and involvement in a specific activity. Similarly, for the LAPA implementation process, the contribution of a government agency (35%) was maximum in Mauja and contribution of donor agency (37%) was maximum in Ghermu. In this regard, the contribution of P&V HHs was done in terms of physical contribution in both the villages. Spring and water source conservation activities, plantation of cash crops in bari land, beginning of the entrepreneurship were the major activities initiated by the inhabitants of both the villages after LAPA implementation. The implemented adaptation plan was found to be effective in terms of reducing vulnerability and enhancing the resilience of P&V HHs in both Ghermu and Mauja. This study recommends for the enabling environment for P&V HHs to take ownership and need to facilitate a process of cross learning and sharing between district level and local level.

Keywords: Local Adaptation Plan of Action; household vulnerability; resilience
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-2: 178-189