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Impact of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intention and Mediating Effect of Work Family Conflict
Rafia Sultana*, Muhammad Hussain1, Muhammad Afzal1, Syed Amir Gilani2
1Nursing Department, University of Lahore, Pakistan
2Allied Health Sciences, University of Lahore, Pakistan
Background: With the change in organizational setup from old to the new advance picture turnover intention has also been surprisingly increased. Both the work as well as family has great influence on the job satisfaction. The main concern of this study is to assess the impact of turnover intention affected by the job satisfaction which is thought to be an important factor that can be address. The job satisfaction that form the bases of this phenomena is thought to be a main tool for the measurement of turnover intension. Turnover intention and deficit in  job satisfaction  lead to the result of burn out. Methodology: This was a descriptive cross sectional study design for the assessment of job satisfaction on turnover intention and the meditational role of work family conflict. Results: According to this study there is a significant relation between job satisfaction and the turn over intention and the main thing which affect them is the work family conflict. By the high level of job satisfaction JS turn over intention can be minimize or eradicated. Work family conflict has negative effect of the employee job satisfaction JS that cause increase in the turnover intention but the nurses as well as other employee who try to maintain balance between work and family role achieve maintained level of job satisfaction. Study findings   will help to understand the role of work family conflict in the regard of job satisfaction and turnover intention.
: Job satisfaction (JS); Turnover intention (TI); Work family conflict (WFC); Relationships among
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-1: 109-121