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Development of Chemical Fertilizer Policy in Nepal
Suraj B.C. *, M. R.  Aryal2, Ujjal Tiwari1, S. Subedi1
1Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal
2Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Kathmandu, Nepal
The study was conducted to review chemical fertilizer policy development of Nepal. The study was based on the secondary information available at the Ministry of Agriculture and livestock Development. Agriculture Input Company Limited(AICL) and Salt Trading Company Limited(STCL). This study was focused on comparative study in sequential policy development of chemical fertilizer in the past and present along with their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The total demand - supply scenarios of chemical fertilizer in the country at different time phases was intensively studied. The study found that Fertilizer Policy was changed over time to time, but all the policies were failed to fulfill the total chemical fertilizer demand in the country and deficit of chemical fertilizer during time of plantation become a hot issue of every time. AICL and STCL has monopoly in chemical fertilizer trading and no private institutions involvement in chemical fertilizer trading at last phase of policy development. That might be one of the major barriers in fertilizer supply in the country. Government of Nepal lack supervision on fertilizer recommendation, and available fertilizer was used in blanket application method. Problem of soil health identification, farmers' identification and sustainable nutrient management scheme had not been addressed well in every policy developed. Commercialization on farming, increase in education level of farmers and government tried to develop new agriculture development projects through revision of old policies and formulation of new policy provides good opportunities. Government of Nepal could focus on district wise soil heath portfolio preparation program followed by the site specific recommendations of chemical fertilizer - a good way of agriculture development in the country.
Keywords: Chemical Fertilizer; Blanket; Portfolio; Commercialization
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Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev.Vol-5, Issue-4: 231-237