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The Performance of Central Sulawesi Regional Police in The Handling of Drug Users Psychotropic and Illegal Drugs in Central Sulawesi Province (Overview of Service Quality Aspects)
Sakka*1, Syahir Natsir 1, Muh. Nawawi 1
, Muhammad Khairil 1
1Doctoral Course on Social Sciences, Post-Graduate Tadulako University Palu, Indonesia.
2Department of Management, Faculty of Economics Business, Universitas Tadulako Palu, Indonesia.

Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol 6(2): 70-74.
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From the data obtained since 2015, 2016 and 2017 criminal acts of drug abuse (narcotics and dangerous drugs) that stand out in the territory of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Departement, and the lineup has been handled in 2015 as many as 179 matters and has been was bestowed into the overall attorney, in 2016 as many as 357 cases and has been bestowed to the prosecutors as many as 356 while 1 thing is returned (P18) and in 2017 as many as 376 cases and has been bestowed to the prosecutors as many as 314 matters While the remaining 62 matters are still in the investigation process. Seeing from a very significant increase from year to year in the case of drug abuse abuses in the regional jurisdiction of Central Sulawesi Regional Police Departement, it was required the role and quality of law enforcement officers of Central Sulawesi Regional Police Departement. The research seeks to identify issues related to the performance of drug abuse abuses using qualitative descriptive methods by taking the research location of Central Sulawesi Province with using the main theory Poister (2003) Measuring Performance in Public and Third Sector Organizations. The results showed that the handling of drug abuse in Central Sulawesi Province still needs to be improved from the aspect of service (handling) resulting in maximum achievement of the Organization's objectives.

Keywords: Drug Abuses; Central Sulawesi Regional Police Department.