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Evaluation of Different Groundnut Genotypes to Identify the High Yielding Genotypes through Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) System
Bisheswar Prasad Yadav1*, Santosh Rasaily1, Pramod Wagle1, Razan Malla 1, Nabina B.K.2, Sheetal Aryal 3
1Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Nepal
2Mahadev Janata Higher Secondary School, Nepal
3CIMMYT International, Nepal.
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol 6(4): 142-145
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Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) is an important food and oil crop grown during rainy season in Nepal. Ground nut has high potential in context to Nepal especially in terai and low hilly area. Ground nut is grown in upland in rain fed condition during rainy season and it is also grown in river basin as well. In context to Nepal, there are no high yielding varieties as other countries India and China. The Experiment conducted was done according to the NARC Research System. Different exotic genotypes and local Landraces were collected and Series of trail were conducted in successive year in different location under IET, CVT, CFFT and FAT. All trials were conducted in Random Complete Block Design (RCBD). In IET, the result depicted that ICGV 07240 genotypes was highest yielding genotypes (2416 kg/ha) among all the genotypes. In CVT, ICG 07240 showed high yielding genotypes in wide range of location with an average yield of 2128 kg/ha. Similarly, ICGV 07240 showed high yielding performance among 4 elite genotypes with an average yield of 2504 kg/ha. In GGE biPlot ICGV 07240 was best performing genotypes overall the tested location. In 2018, ICGV 07240 was release as Sambriddhi with 52.88 % fat and 27.32 % protein. . This variety may be a new variety for the ground nit growing farmers and in future this variety may play pivotal role to meet the national demand of the groundnut.

Keywords: Groundnut; high yielding varieties; rain fed condition, Nepal