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Implementation of Policy for Placement of State Civil Apparatus of Administrator Position of Provincial Government of Sulawesi
Zubair1*, Syahir Natsir2, Mustainah3, Awad Soulisa4
Untad, Sulawesi, Indonesia
This research aims to: analyze implementation of policy for placement of State Civil Apparatus of administrator position of provincial government of Sulawesi. The research applied a qualitative method using a descriptive analysis approach. Location of the research was in Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi. Data collection techniques were interview, observation, and documentation. Data analysis technique was carried out  in some stages: 1) Clarifying the data, 2) Grouping the data, 3) Processing the data, and 4) Describing the data as a whole with the results and research discussion based on Grindel variables, namely: 1) The interests that are influenced by the policy in providing an impact on administrators in two ways namely the economic impact and social impact;  2) The type of benefits patterned into personal benefits and institutional benefits;  3) The desired degree of change has not succeeded in changing work behavior, attitude, and work culture;  4) The position of the policy maker is interpreted geographically and administratively;  5) Program implementers, namely ASN who are designated as administrators, meet the normative and administrative requirements;  6) Human Resources namely the support of political elites have been implemented in the involvement of the head of the Regional Representative Council or the head of office which involved the administrators in RDP and discussion of the budget; 1) The power, interest, and strategy of the actor involved show that there is no conflict of interests between the actors because the highest actor is the governor;  2) Characteristics of well-defined and well-implemented institutions and authorities do not result in rejection of stakeholder, and 3) There is compliance and responsiveness in accepting all requirements for implementing administrator placement policies.

State Civil Apparatus (ASN), Administrators, Policy Content, and Policy Context
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol-6, Issue-1: 11-18
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