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The Assessment of predictors of Patientís satisfaction in public sector hospital Lahore, Pakistan
Razia Begum1*, Syeda Sidra Tasneem1, Robina Jabeen1
1Superior College of Nursing, Lahore, Pakistan
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol 7(2): 86-95.
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Purpose: Patientís satisfaction is an area that has equal importance to both healthcare providers and the patients and as well as to the other participants in the healthcare industry. For healthcare providers warranting that patients are satisfied is a nonstop exertion. It is therefore important to them that the actual state of the mind of patientís satisfaction is known. To attain this, healthcare providers get on research to feel the throbs of the patients and discover ways of serving them better. This paper attempts to describe what establishes satisfaction in the perspective of outpatients and what the process(s) that can be implemented by healthcare workers.
Method. The study had a regular experimental, pre and post-test approach using an in-patient at a healthcare provider. Tools included a patient satisfaction questionnaire, a patient questionnaire that audits management. After the conversant agreement was obtained, the research scholar collected post-implementation data from the patients. Descriptive statistical methods and models were used to define the sample data and data distributions. Breakdown of group differences was done using autonomous samples tests to examine the connection between HealthCare provider and Patient-Focused satisfaction.
Results. Patients were more satisfied after Predictors of patientís satisfaction was implemented than they were before implementation. Further research is required in direction to study the supposition contributes to increased patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction with care overall rises when they are cared for with the help of predictors of the patientís satisfaction.

Keywords: Patientís satisfaction, Public hospitals, Patientís Safety.