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Workplace Violence towards Nurses and its Impact on Professional Quality of life
Ayesha Saeed1*, Razia Begum2, Urooj Jamil Ahmad3, Syeda Sidra Tasneem2
1Nursing College, Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore, Pakistan
2Superior College of Nursing, Lahore, Pakistan
3Iqbal Memorial Hospital, Jhang Saddar, Pakistan
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol 7(2): 79-85.
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Medical professionals play a key role in the better health outcomes of patients at hospitals. Workload and patient ratio create pressure and compromise their life. Furthermore, rising violence at the workplace in the nursing sector ultimately influences their wellbeing. Thus, this study aims to analyze the relationship between workplace violence and quality of life among the nurses of public hospitals. The data were collected from 92 nurses of Jinnah Hospital Lahore through simple random sampling. The results reveal that workplace violence (Physical and Verbal) has a significant negative relationship with the compassion satisfaction of nurses.

Keywords: Workplace violence; Physical violence; Verbal violence; Compassion satisfaction.