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Effects of COVID-19 Lockdown on Human Psychology in Selected Areas, Lahore, Pakistan
Mariam Safdar1, Mutahira Ikram1, Nazia Yousef1*, Sidra Tasneem1, Rubina Jabeen1
1Superior University Lahore, Pakistan

Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol 7(1): 25-30.
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Objectives: To find out the effects of Covid-19 lockdown on human psychology and on interfamily relations, in selected areas of Lahore Pakistan.
This study was conducted between Aprils to July 2020, after completion of first lockdown in Lahore. This cross-sectional survey was completed by 164 volunteers. Data was collected from model town, as it was one of the first hotspot of covid-19 in Lahore and one of the first sealed area also.
Results: Descriptive statistics was applied by using SPSS (statical package for the social sciences) version 16.0. Results revealed that Covid-19 lockdown had negative impact on 69% peoplesí psychology. 63.4% people felt stress and anxiety due to mishap. This lockdown affected 56.7% people work performance. It had bad impact on 70.1% population routine daily life. 45.3% peoplesí family relations improved. 47.6% population felt isolated from their friends. 70.7% population stated that continuous news regarding covid-19 increased their stress levels. 47.6% population did not support Pakistani nationals return to Pakistan in such contagious circumstances. 51.2% population was full of hope that Pakistan can overcome this infection.
Conclusion: Covid-19 lockdown had negative impact on people psychology and daily lives.

Keywords: Covid-19; lockdown affects; human psychology; interfamily relations.