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Effects of Contextualized Grammar Instruction on Studentsí Paragraph Writing Achievement and Their Perception Towards the Instruction: Grade 11 In Getema High School in East Wollega Zone in Focus
Gemechis Denu1*, Zeleke Teshome1. Tekle Ferede2
1Department of English Language and Literature; Institute of Languages Study and Journalism; Wollega University, Nekemte, Ethiopia, P.O. box 395
2Department of English Language and Literature; Institute of Languages Study and Literature; Jimma University, Ethiopia
*Corresponding author email: gemechisdenu2012@gmail.com
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol 7(4): 103-111.
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The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of contextualized grammar instruction (CGI) on studentsí paragraph writing achievement and studentsí perception towards the instruction. In order to attain the purpose, two intact groups randomly assigned to treatment and comparison groups were involved in the study respectively. The embedded design was employed in the study since it was mainly conducted using quantitative data gathered through tests and questionnaire before and after the intervention. Accordingly, two groups of students were selected from the total of seven sections of Grade 11 of Gatema Secondary School students. In this study, therefore; a sequential mixed-method research approaches (QUAN qual) in which quantitative data are followed by qualitative data was utilized. Hence, test, questionnaire, self-reflection journal writing research tools were employed. In data analysis, the study employed paired sample t-test; independent sample t-test and some descriptive statistic (mean and standard deviation). Hence, it was confirmed that there was no statistically significant difference among the two groups before the intervention as the t-test value, (t =-.843; p>.05). p=.402 at .05 level of significance at.05 level of significance, however; after the treatment group was taught for about eight weeks using the intervention manual, both treatment and comparison groups were given a post intervention, paragraph writing performance to see if any significant difference is seen because of the treatment. To this respect, in the findings of this study (t=9.594, df=72, p=.000, which is less than 0.05).  The study found that contextualized grammar instruction intervention attributes to studentsí paragraph writing achievement and their perception. Therefore, this is an important input for the curriculum designers, English language teachers to put emphasis on contextualized grammar instruction in teaching and learning procedures so that the students manage their paragraph writing skills would be improved.

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