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Release And Notification of Groundnut Variety (Icgv 97079) Under Rainfed Conditions for Terai, And Inner Terai Through the Nepal Agricultural Research Council
Bisheswar Prasad Yadav1*, Santosh Rasaily1 , Pramod Wagle1 , Nabina B.K.2, Suvash Devkota 2
1Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Nepal
2 Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Nepal.
*Corresponding author email: masteryadavbp2001@gmail.com
Int. J. Grad. Res. Rev. Vol 7(4): 90-95.
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Ground nut (Arachis hypogaea L), considered as king of oilseed crop, is a tropical legume mainly grown to produce oil. In context to Nepal, ground nut is used as vegetable oil, confectionery and snacks. In the initial period, ground nut was only confined to the kitchen garden however, in recent year groundnut is growing popularity. Ground nut is grown in upland in rain fed condition during rainy season and it is also grown in river basin as well. Nepal still lacks mega varieties with high yield, high protein and oil content. In oder to find out the promising variety, Oilseed research program, NARC has conducted series of trial (Observational nursery trial, Initial yield trial, coordinated varietal trial and Participatory varietal selection) with the introduced foreign genotypes in Randomly Complete Block Design. Through the series of different trials conducted depicted promising genotypes (ICGV 97079, ICGV 07220 and ICGV 07222) from the Coordinated Varietal Trial may be future research material to identify the much-needed variety to meet the groundnut demand of the country. For the present condition, genotypes IGCV 97079 with the potential yield of 2500 kg/ha to 2800kg /ha with 47 % of Protein content, 34 % of oil content and has been identified as the much needed promising line and proposal has been send for the register and release as variety for the farmer production.

Ground nut; Arachis hypogaea L.. Rainfed Conditions.