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August 2020, Vol-6, Issue- 3
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Research Articles
Applied Science
An Analysis of Agriculture Production Scenario in Nepal 
Sabina Regmi
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Managements Studies 
The Impact of Transformational Leadership and Principal Managerial Competence on The Learning Performance of Junior High School Teachers in Pasangkayu Regency
Badaruddin, Fathurrahman, Nawawi Natsir, dan Muh. Nawawi
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Implementation of Good Hospital Governance Policies at the Undata Regional General Hospital, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Munawir H. Usman, Abu Tjaija, M. Sabir
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Value Chain Analysis of Cucumber in Tanahun District, Nepal
Anisha Tiwari, Sarmila Belbase
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Social Science
Analysis of Satisfaction User Integrated Hindu System with Pieces Framework Method in Central Sulawesi
Anak Agung Ananta Putra, Alam Anshary, Nilu Putu Evvy Rosanti
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